Most Excellent Master Preview Lecture

That you may fully understand the completeness of the Degrees you are receiving, it is fitting at this time that you know the origin of the Degree of Most Excellent Master as a unit of the Chapter Degrees. The formal degrees you have received have dealt with the structural features of the Temple. This Degree is founded on the interior and completion of the building. Masonry is a progressive science. Likewise among the Fellowcrafts presenting their work to the Overseers, the most skilled were selected for interior work. History records these workmen to have been the finest stonesquareres, sculptors of stone, polishers and setters of that time. Also were chosen those of highest art in carving of wood for overlay of gold.

Their labors produced marvels of excellence. Luxury and splendor everywhere prevailed. A Temple erected to God with a generous display of the finest, richest products God had given to man. King Solomon then arranged a most magnificent ceremony of Dedication and Consecration of the Temple. He invited all his Rulers and Members of His Royal Households, and all the High Priests and Prophets of his realm to participate in the grandeur of that momentous occasion.

Then, in the presence of all this great assembly he summoned before him all the skilled workmen that had wrought physical glory to the finished edifice, and as a reward for their zeal and fidelity to the Craft, he Greeted them Most Excellent Masters, the highest honor then to be conferred upon an artisan.