Worthy Matron’s Message – November 2015

Dear Members of Forest Chapter,

Holiday greetings to you all. We now have all of our Officers installed, all but one. So on we go with our year. We were surprised just how many people of fame our members had come in contact with. You missed a lot of good stories. Try and come to our meetings so you don’t miss the fun this year.

Since our last meeting I was able to visit the Grand Chapter of Utah. I was accomapnied by our honorary member Isabel York and sister Sydney Bush. We had a good time and were greeted by frendship and smiles.

Our next meeting on November 9 will be Honor night for our Gr. Committee Members: John & Mary Welch; Carol Curry; Susan Stevens & Stella Bryant all on the FAITH Birthday Committee and Sharon Kelley on the Hm. Endowment and Outreach Committee. We will also recognize David Hinton, Chapt. 95; Winnie Carey, Chapt. 22; and Ann Myers, Chapt. 55; all Committee Members. Come and see what we have planed for our members.

November 23 is our meeting to give thanks for our blessings and to remember our past. We will be having some speakers that evening. We hope to see some of you in November.

Star Love,
Ann WM
John WP


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