Worshipful Master’s Message – November 2015


At the stated meeting in October we were honored to have 17 past masters for our past masters night. We missed you if you did not make it. We started our meeting at 6 o’clock with a great dinner prepared by the ladies of Eastern Star Chapter #42. We were also visited by members of Research Lodge. And WB Joseph Lambert gave us a closing charge at the end of meeting.

The MM degree for Jake Magnum was cancelled due to a shortage of the degree team. Brother Dale Wiley is trying hard to come up with a degree team on October 22nd for an EA degree and then again on the 29th for the MM degree. If he calls and you have the time, please come out so that we can get these Brothers to see the light.

October 31st we will pass out treats for Halloween night. if you have the time come and join us at 4 p.m. at the lodge. I have spoken with Bob Landauer and he is doing well, keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

If you have ideas and suggestions for the civic committee please come and express them, the meeting is always at 6:30 before the officers meeting on the Sunday before our stated.

Von D, Bailey
Worshipful Master

From the Kitchen: We’ll celebrate election day with a variety of different muffins. Vote for your favorite if you really want, but it’s more important to come out & enjoy eating them instead.


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