Worshipful Master’s Message – May 2016

Fraternal Greetings Brothers:

I hope you are enjoying our great spring weather and are able to get outside and enjoy our Great Architects blessings to us. April being that transition from wetter weather to our Oregon dry summer is a month we all look forward too.

As you read this, we will have accomplished our first road side cleanup on our adopted county road, Verboort Road from Highway 47 to the Schefflin roundabout. This a great public service and we have a nice sign posted near the Schefflin side for all who travel that road to see to know that Holbrook Masonic Lodge is responsible for that cleanup.  We will also be planting flowers in our Adopt a Park traffic triangle at Pacific and E Streets in Forest Grove. Check your e mail inbox for information on that project.

Something to think about as we approach summer is that our Lodge in the past has gone dark for the months of July and August. There has been some talk of remaining at labor those months and meeting. I am willing to continue to labor those months to keep moving forward on the projects we have working and to keep our ritual skills improving. Think about this as we approach summer and come to Lodge and vote your opinion.

Speaking of ritual skills, the Grand Lodge is having a ritual competition is year on the Entered Apprenticed Degree. As of this writing, the dates, times and locations have still not been determined, but it is anticipated that it will occur before the Grand Lodge Communication in June. We have assembled a team but are still lacking 2 participants. We have practices scheduled on, April 21 and April 28, all at 7 pm at the Lodge. Participants do NOT have to be sitting officer’s, any member of Holbrook Lodge may participate. At our last practice we only had 4 members, and that is not going to be enough to field a team.

As I look through the roll of members at Holbrook Lodge, I see a lot of members, but not so many active members. With Holbrook Lodge being a part of my life for the last 50 plus years, and a Mason for 33 years, I would love to meet some of the members we do not see often. As I have grown older in years, and in my work experiences, I have gained that old dudes idea that I have pretty much learned it all in various situations. Upon sitting in the East the first time, I was brought back to earth and reality by this humbling experience. I have not learned it all, I have a lot to learn, I have gained what I hope are better leadership skills, and the desire to lead successfully, by virtue of sitting in the East with my Brothers waiting my instructions.

I have gained the experience of the wisdom of counsel of the older Brothers, who have served in the East, and who have become some of my best friends, whom I truly look forward to being with. The experiences we share are life long memories. When Brother Steve Vanderzanden asked me to serve as Junior Warden, I thought there is no way I can govern this Lodge one day. But understanding that you do not refuse the Masters request, I agreed and steeled myself to prepare to sit in the East. You gain this resolve to do the best you can and not let the confidence your Brothers have placed in you be misdirected.

Although we meet on the level, the individual skill level of the laborers in the quarry vary and so will the government abilities of those who sit in the East. I thank you once again for this journey as we move forward through out the year in our eternal quest for Masonic Light.

Dale Wiley
Worshipful Master


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