Worshipful Master’s Message – March 2016

Greetings Brothers:

2 months down in our year and the fun is just beginning.  We have a great slate of activities coming up this spring. Make sure you take note of a change in our March meeting date, we are meeting on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 2, as we will be traveling to Union Lodge in McMinnville on Tuesday March 1st, for their Annual Cornbeef and Cabbage Dinners, AND the Grand Masters Visit. We are looking forward to our Wives Widows and Sweethearts Dinner on March 26th at the Forest Grove Senior Center. You will be getting a call soon, so please come if you can and also consider sponsoring a widow’s dinner as well.

There is an upcoming District Ritual Competition this spring, exact date time and place to be determined. It will feature each Lodge fielding a team for an open and closing on the EA Degree. Team members do NOT have to be standing officers, just Lodge members.

As time moves on in our Craft, things change and need to change if our Craft is to survive and thrive. On a sunny May afternoon in 2010 a group of Masons assembled at the Brookings Oregon Cemetery, to bid farewell to a departed Brother. This Brother was not a real active member, but supported the Lodge in its various activities. The widow asked her son to arrange a service and being the man was a Mason agreed to a Masonic graveside service. He made the usual calls and arranged a group to perform and attend the service.

As we stood in the trade wind breeze waiting for everybody to arrive, the sound of motorcycles racing up the street became louder and pulled into the parking lot. Two young men in their 30’s on performance motorcycles stopped, got off, took off their helmets and leather jackets, walked up and put on their aprons.  One of them had ridden 45 miles to attend the service of a man he never met, but was a fellow Mason, and the man was his friend’s grandfather.  At that point I realized that the future of our gentle Craft is in the hands of these young men who ride motorcycles, and may wear jeans to Lodge. The man we came to pay our respects to was my father in law Brother Robert  “Bob” Stanhurst and one of the young men on the motorcycles was my wife’s nephew. Although Brother Robert was not that active in Lodge, the manner in which he lived his life was an influence on me as he showed me the importance of relief and helping others in this world.

The point I took away from this situation 6 years ago was that we need the young men in this country who seek more light to move this fraternity forward. I do not care if you wear jeans to Lodge or get there on motorcycles, what it is in your heart that made you seek out this experience is what matters, and as I see more birthdays pass me by, I hope I can help these young men in some way to continue their quest for Masonic light, and to support the drive and desire for additional light.

There are some upcoming functions in our appendant bodies that are deserving of our support and time. Please consider supporting these activities and functions. Check the Trestleboard for more information.  We have some great fund raising activities coming up to help boost our Lodge finances; we will be scheduling our first litter pickup soon on our adopted road, Verboort Rd from Hwy 47 to Scheffilin Road.  Look for the Holbrook Masonic Lodge sign if you drive that road.

We recently became aware of some needs of one of our Masonic widows, and we were able to provide and install a new water heater and refrigerator for her. Some Brothers have contributed to this already, if you feel so inclined to contribute to this, let Brother Charles our Secretary know. We intend to start a Relief Fund, any funds left after this need is paid for will be kept in that fund for any additional distress needs.

Please come join us at Lodge on our stated communication nights. We have a petition for affiliation to vote on at the next meeting hopefully. I would love to hear from any of you at any time about our Lodge activities. You can reach me at 503-887-0586 or my e mail, dalewiley57@gmail.com

Dale Wiley
Worshipful Master


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