Worshipful Master’s Message – February 2016

Greeting Brethren:

Happy New Year to every one of you.

We had a great January stated. Our officers, had some first night jitters, but we got through it and had a successful business portion of the meeting. The Building Committee will be meeting on January 17th, to look at our building’s possible needs and to look at our ongoing maintenance. One petition for affiliation was read from Brother Kurt Arrenas, from Weston Colorado.

We were able to add another Mason to our roles at this meeting when we voted Brother Jay Carey membership by affiliation. Great to have him as a member of our Lodge, he has been a long time visitor.

The Auditing Committee reported a successful audit of the books, finding them in order and ready to present to Grand Lodge. The Finance Committee was appointed with Senior Warden Bob Landauer being Chairman with Brothers Russ Furchner, Steve Vanderzanden. They will also be meeting on January 17th. Grievance Committee was appointed with Junior Warden Larry White Chairman, Brothers James VanDerAa and Jay Carey.

We are also going to be looking at some wearable items such as hats, jackets and other Masonic pride items. This will be great for all of us to be able to have some nice gear with our Lodge name on it.

The Child ID program will be under way again this summer, several Brothers have expressed interest in this program. It is a great way to be visible to the Community. We will be having a new banner made this year to help us stand out at the Farmers Market.

In looking ahead, a couple of ideas possibly for some summer activities would be a Holbrook Lodge night at the Hillsboro Hops baseball game, and a summer family picnic at a nice local park somewhere. That would be a great way to get together and have our families involved.

We have had no petitions for new membership in the last two month. It would be great to have another four Masons raised this year. It was a lot of work, the Brothers we raised this last year have already proven themselves great assets to the Lodge.

Our Annual Wives, Widows and Families Dinner will be in March this year at the Forest Grove Senior Center. The exact will be told at the February and March stated. We will be inviting Tuality Lodge to attend this year as well.
If you know of any sickness or distress in our Masonic family, please let myself or Brother Charles Negron, our Secretary know so that we may provide what relief we can.

We are off to a great start his year. I am looking forward to all that is going to happen this year. Please join me on that trip!

Dale Wiley
Worshipful Master


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