Worshipful Master’s Message – December 2015


A Big Thank you for a wonderful year as Master of the Lodge.  I was really anxious at the beginning of this year and not sure where to begin.   With the support you have shown, I feel confident we accomplished some of the things that had me so anxious.  We were able to pass and raise new Brethren, to Master Masons, impressive enough to have at least 3 Brothers interested in affiliation, support some community activities, come to the relief of a neighboring Lodge, their concordant bodies and show some Brotherly love.  Our Past Masters, Eastern Star, DeMolay, Rainbow groups and Brethren have been supportive and are truly the best.

I would like to wish the incoming Master and his line of Officers, a great year and let you know, that you have my continued support in all you do.  I believe that Brother Dale Wiley is what the Lodge needs to keep moving forward.  I thought that I would sit in the East for a couple of years, but after a lot of thinking, I personally feel that for the good of Holbrook Lodge, the Master should be someone that has time, flexibility and be near the Lodge.

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and hope to see you at the December stated.  According to Brother Dale, we will be having a tyled installation at the December meeting.  Please keep your eyes on the new website and let Jim Dorman II know of any additions or corrections.


Von D, Bailey
Worshipful Master

From the Kitchen: We’ll celebrate election day with a variety of different muffins. Vote for your favorite if you really want, but it’s more important to come out & enjoy eating them instead.


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