Worshipful Master’s Message – April 2016

Greetings Brothers:

Once again, the calendar tells us that another month has went past in our daily journey life.  What have you done in the last month to improve yourself in Masonry? I think we all need to have a goal of accomplishing one thing monthly that will improve ourselves and our Craft.

As you read this, we will have passed our annual Palm Sunday Breakfast in conjunction with the Eastern Star Chapter. If you were able to come help, or to come eat and bring friends and family, thank you! The funds raised go to maintenance and improvements for our building, and there are going to be some improvements needed this year so every bit helps.  Our Holbrook Masonic Family Dinner will also have passed, by now, and hopefully you were able to attend.

In some recent travels of mine, my wife and I took a trip to the Scottsdale / Phoenix areas to attend some spring training baseball games.  One of the routes we took took us right past Scottsdale Masonic Lodge, on a fairly high traffic road. I noted it, and looked them up on the internet. They had a great web site, and I got some good information about their Lodge. The next night we came by there again, and they were having a stated meeting. The parking lot was full, probably 30 or more cars there. Although I was not able to stop in, it still reminded me of my Masonic roots and connections.

The next part of the trip had us in the Redmond, OR area and driving down a downtown street, I noticed the Redmond Masonic Lodge. This was a Saturday morning and there appeared to be no activity, but the point is, that my travels in random unplanned directions in two different regions of the country placed me in the presence of a Masonic Lodge and was a reminder of my Masonic ties and Brothers, and the fact that I could have walked into either building and been welcomed as a traveling Brother, a connection that not everyone can claim to have, and the fact that if I encountered distress, Masonic Brothers were close by.

You may have read about our upcoming ritual competition both locally and on a state level. We intend to participate in this and you can check the calendar for our scheduled ritual practices, and we will likely be scheduling more in addition to the ones already scheduled. It is important that we have a good showing from our Lodge in this. The competition will be on the Entered Apprentice Degree.

Our recent trip to Union Lodge in McMinnville last month gave us a great corned beef and cabbage dinner, and Holbrook Lodge was well represented with over 9 of our Brothers and several ladies attending. The Grand Master and several of his Officers were in attendance for their official visit as was our District Deputy RWB Steve Vanderzanden. Each Lodge in attendance was able to give an update on the various activates they currently have under way. We were able to present our various civic activities such as our litter cleanup and park sponsorship. A collection was taken up for the Grand Masters Masonic Youth programs and netted over $ 75 to support those programs.

Our Lodge will grow and thrive based upon the collective efforts of all the members working together to improve ourselves in Masonry. Please come join us on the first Tuesday for our stated communication, and check the website for other activities that anybody can participate in. Please feel free to contact me at any time for any reason, and please let us know of any sickness or distress of any of our Masonic Brothers and families.

Dale Wiley
Worshipful Master


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