Web Guru’s Corner – November 2015

Hi everyone, here’s some exciting news from the internet!

I’m in the process of developing a new website for Holbrook Lodge, and there are so many features available that I’ve decided to expand the project to include all members of the Holbrook family. The site is still very much under construction, but the basic framework is in place and you can see it here.

While the site is long on features, one thing it is very short on right now is content. There is plenty of room for photos, blog posts, and information pages from all the bodies meeting at Holbrook. So here’s your chance to be creative! We can create sections as needed for whatever you can dream up.

As part of this update, the e-mail Trestleboard will be migrating to a different system. All current subscribers will be automatically updated, no action is required by you. If you would like to change your profile to receive the Trestleboard via e-mail, please contact me with your request and I will get you added to the list.

To maintain security, access to the editing functions of the site will be somewhat limited. However, I encourage everyone who is interested in adding content to the site to email me with your request (webmaster@holbrookmasons.org) and I will get user accounts set up so you can begin helping with the site.

Email accounts are available too. If you would like to have an address like your.name@holbrookmasons.org, just let me know and I can set that up.

Jim Dorman II
Web Guru


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