Web Guru’s Corner – April 2017

Hi everyone, just two quick reminders.

First, there’s always time to sign up for the electronic version of the Trestleboard.  You’ll get it earlier and right in your email, so you don’t even need to walk out to the mailbox.  Plus if we can get enough folks to sign up, it will eliminate the need to spend money on postage.  We have a long way to go until we reach that goal, but we’ll keep on trying.

Second, everyone please please PLEASE help promote the Palm Sunday Breakfast.  Profits from this event have not been very good in recent years, and that’s because not very many people are coming.  People can’t come to an event they don’t know about, so please spread the word to everyone you know in all of your social networks in both the real and virtual worlds.  I have been informed that we are trying to do a bit more promotion this year with local churches and in Forest Grove utility bills, but there’s always room for more.  This event benefits our building fund, and we’ve been spending a bit of money lately on repairs and improvements so that fund needs to be replenished.

Even if you aren’t able to lend a hand, please come and have breakfast anyway.  It’s a chance to visit with folks you may not have seen in a while, and it benefits every member of the Holbrook Family.  Most of all, it’s yummy!

See you for breakfast! (wow, did I really just write that?)

Jim Dorman II
Web Guru


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