Stated Meeting Rcap – January 2019

Good day Brothers,

Thank you for those of you that provided feedback to my last e-mail and for the good conversation we had in Lodge this past Stated.  Also thank you to the Brothers who attended.  It was a tough date/time given the holidays and date change and I appreciate the brothers who were able to attend.

Reminder, our next Stated will be February 5th at the Grand Lodge.  Details will be provided in the Trestleboard and e-mail in advance of our Stated.

I wanted to share the conversation we had in Lodge, because I think it is very important to continue the discussion with the full membership, regardless of if you attended the Stated meeting or not.  My goal will remain to improve attendance by providing value to our membership.

Here is what we discussed:

We have a path forward on Lodge finances, so it is now time to focus on the health of the fraternity from a membership and participation perspective.  There was good feedback from the e-mail and good discussion in the Stated meeting.  In summary, we agreed on the following:

  • 2x Monthly sessions to help the EA’s move along faster and provide a forum for ritual work and other Lodge proceedings.  There was dialogue from Brothers with prior experience and programs which will be reviewed and applied to this concept as appropriate.
  • Bikes for Books program.  It was agreed that we would use this type of a program as a springboard for improving our civic service and presence.  The WM will solicit volunteers and report out at the February Stated as to progress.
  • It was also agreed to find new content to make lodge meetings more interesting.  The WM has reached out to the Grand Lodge for suggestions, potential topics and speakers.

On the first bullet, I think we could use time on our Stated meetings plus one additional day, maybe the 2nd Wednesday of the month now that the date is free.  Please give me feedback on this point.

ON the second bullet, if you would like to participate in the Bikes for Books program, please call, text or e-mail and I’ll add you to the list.

On the 3rd bullet, if there are specific topics you would find interesting, please let me know.  I have a list started from the feedback I’ve already received, but if there are any ideas you have, we are open to them.

Finally, we had very good attendance at the Grand Master’s visit to Tuality #6.  Tuality did an excellent job with entertainment, food, ritual, and the inclusion of Rainbow and DeMolay.  The Grand Master was complimentary to the Lodge and it was a very enjoyable morning.  I personally enjoyed the Grand Master’s comments and the moments I got to spend with him.  His goals for the Fraternity as a whole are very similar to ours this year.

As we know, Tuality sets a high bar for Ritual in their Lodge and we are taking steps to do the same.  I think we all understand that it’s not everyone’s strength to work from memory under pressure, but we are going to endeavor to do a better job.  Personally, I think it’s important to be crisp as it keeps our focus in the lessons of the ritual versus the execution of the words.  That was another area of feedback I received over the last month, and support for an extra opportunity each month and good of the order in Lodge.

Please reach out with any questions, ideas and/or concerns you may have.

Worshipful Master


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