Secretary’s Corner – November 2015

If you missed the Past Masters Night Dinner and meeting you missed a great meal prepared by our Eastern Star ladies with the help of the DeMolay boys. Thanks. Also a well attended and short Lodge meeting. We missed several of the Past Masters that usually attend and hope that you were well and had other commitments. We raised a new Master Mason in September and will have another in October. Plus a new member receiving the EA degree. Please do check when the degrees will be and come even if you do not have a part in the degree.

Remember that Holbrook Lodge now has the equipment to fingerprint and make I.D. cards for children and give to parents and hope that they are never needed, but if they are needed you will have them. Please tell you family members and friends that we are doing this community service for free and encourage them to get them for their children.

Remember that Holbrook Lodge has been in Forest Grove since 1860 and that getting new members is what has kept the Lodge here for us and we need new members for the Lodge to be here in the future. When I joined 60 years ago, we had 180 members and we have had three Lodges consolidate with us and we now have 118 members so we need to do more degrees. Also then there were several other fraternities in Forest Grove that are now gone, let’s make sure that Holbrook Lodge will be here for many more years. Have a petition handy for new prospects. Let’s keep Holbrook Masonic Lodge growing right here on Main Street for all to see.



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