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Secretary’s Corner – March 2016

Greetings Brothers!

Our February stated was well attended (I counted 18) and the officers showed off the benefits of our recent ritual practice sessions!

Some updates on 2016 initiatives:

1. Online finances – Income and expense tracking is now fully online.  At the February stated, we were able to report on Lodge financials directly from our online accounting application.  Adding to this, online payments are now being used wherever possible in place of checks (service providers, utilities, etc.) This allows us to make payments instantly and without the cost and lag of mailing checks.

2. Document archival – The last 10 years of stated communication minutes have been digitally archived.  We are continuing our archival activities and will start digitizing past master pictures in the next month.  This is an exciting project designed to preserve our history against the ravages of time.

One reminder, the monthly Trestleboard bulletins are available by email as well as by traditional post.  Email distribution is both timely and cost effective.  If you are interested in receiving the bulletin online, please visit our lodge home page at and look for the Subscribe Now section.

Good progress, more updates to follow each month.  I hope to see all of you at our next stated



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