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Secretary’s Corner – February 2016

Happy New Year brothers!  I’m completing the final words of this month’s secretary corner live from the secretary training seminar put on annually by the Grand Lodge.  It’s refreshing to share ideas with other Lodges and to get updates from our Grand Secretary.  I’ve learned that there are many initiatives underway which will help make the business side of lodge management more manageable.  The Grand Secretary let us know that there are similar initiatives ongoing to one of my 2016 goals – the digitizing of records to preserve our history in digital form.

Our Sanuary stated was well attended (I counted 22) and this year’s Lodge officers supported our Worshipful Master wonderfully.  I’ll try to keep this month’s secretary corner message brief and present a few updates on 2016 initiatives.

1. We’ve moved much of our Lodge’s finance tracking from spreadsheets into QuickBooks online, taking full advantage of QuickBooks’s ability to connect automatically to our financial institutions records.  This makes the tracking of income and expenses a bit easier and will give our finance committee real-time access to our records.

2. We’ve started to digitize forms and past meeting minutes.  I expect this project to take a year or two to complete as there are just a few records to ingest (over a century!  When we complete this process, we plan to make our records available in the library for Brothers wishing to reminisce or to research past events.

3. Lastly, we’ve upgraded our printing capability for the Trestleboard–you may notice that names and addresses are now printed directly on the bulletin.  Bulletins are now also printed in zip code order for easier sorting–thanks to Harold’s daughter Linda for building a database to keep our data safe in past years! These efforts will save us on labels and printing over time, plus help bulletins get to the post office more quickly.

Good progress, more to come in the next few months.  I hope to see all of you at our next stated.



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