Secretary’s Corner – December 2015

Hi.  This will be my last Secretary’s Corner.  After 26 years a member said he would like to be Secretary of Holbrook Lodge.  As I am now 97 with a birthday not far away I would rather show him what I do than have someone try and figure out what I have been doing.  I feel that someone that wants to be Secretary will do a much better job than doing the job because someone has to do it.

I have enjoyed being Secretary as I get to know all of the new members and also keep in touch with members that no longer live close enough to come to Lodge.  It is really nice to have members not living here stop to visit if they are in the area.  Like when Tom Jones knocked on the door and when I could not remember his name, he announced that he was Tom Jones and Charlie.  Charlie was his little dog.  He has lived in the south several years and spends summers at state parks a month at a time up the east coast.

I will miss the phone calls and notes from members.  Charles Negron will be a fine Secretary and bring the office up to date in the computer age as I have not done.  I think I was born about 50 years too early for the modern times.  I have someone set up the programs and then some of them I am able to fill in the blanks.  Much easier than the old way, but many of the new things I do not understand.

I was Treasurer for several years before being Secretary so it will be a new experience to be on the sidelines again.  Thanks everyone for your help and I have enjoyed doing the Secretary’s Corner.  I still would like to hear from you.



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