photo of Jim Dorman

Jim Dorman II

Jim literally grew up in Holbrook Lodge.  His father, Jim Dorman I, has been and continues to be an active member.  Jim’s mom likes to tell the story that a Lodge function was the first place she took him after he was born, and he’s been involved in Lodge activities ever since.

He was raised a Master Mason in 1986, being one of the first members to join after Oregon lowered the age of membership from 21 to 18.  He was an active member of the Order of DeMolay at that time, making him one of the first to belong to both organizations at the same time.

Jim served Holbrook as Worshipful Master in 2004 and 2009 and has been honored with the Hiram Award.  He received his 25-year pin in 2011, making him one of the youngest members to reach that milestone.  As an active DeMolay he received the degree of Chevalier.

He is a dual member with Beaverton Lodge #100, and is active in York Rite in Forest Grove and a member of the Scottish Rite in Portland.

Jim is the official Web Guru for Holbrook Lodge, having developed all incarnations of the Lodge’s website since it went online in 2004.

In addition to his activities in Holbrook Lodge, Jim assists other Lodges in the Portland metro area with ritual work.  In his non-Masonic life, he performs music and motivational speaking as The Acoustic Pedestrian, teaches music, and plays bass with The Purple Herons, who bill themselves as “your friendly neighborhood jazz band”.