Master Councilor’s Message – June 2016

Hello everyone, from Pacific Chapter DeMolay. We are reporting on the upcoming events that are going to be hosted by our chapter. Our ritual practice on May 22 will cover the basic rituals that DeMolay learn for meetings and other ceremonious events, those who have not completed obligations, or who struggle through ritual, are encouraged to come to the ritual practice.

Pacific Chapter DeMolay members and family (those that signed up for Conclave), are reminded that we are to meet at Holbrook Lodge on May 27th at 9:30, and will be on the road by 10:00 or 10:30. Pacific Chapter members will be arriving at the lodge sometime on Memorial Day (unless other arrangements are made).

Youth Day will be held on August 20th and will be hosted by the Grand Lodge – guests are welcome. This day is useful for potential DeMolay, Rainbow Girls, Job’s Daughters, Eastern Star, Amaranth, and Mason recruitments, but
be sure to let the Grand Lodge know (directly or indirectly) how many you plan to bring, so that they can estimate the price for the food. This is all that has been planned so far, so farewell and feel welcome to ask any questions of our Chapter Advisor.


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