Master Councilor’s Message – December 2016

Hey everybody,

Pacific chapter has been very busy recently, and we have many, many more events planned for this term.

On November 5th, the State Council of DeMolay hosted Grand Masters class, in Eugene lodge of Oregon. Twelve new members were initiated that day, though two more candidates were to be initiated.

At Mt. Tabor Park on afternoon of November 12th, Pacific chapter partook in the Portland Veterans Day Run, to honor their service to this country.

On November 19th, the State Council of DeMolay is hosting a Thanksgiving potluck, please look on the DeMolay website for more information.

On Saturday, December 3rd, to honor the day of comfort, Pacific Chapter will drop off many donations to the Portland Rescue Mission; supporting homeless people, and helping them to obtain food and clothing.

On a happier note, who doesn’t like dancing? On December 17th, Oregon DeMolay is hosting a winter formal, bring your friends, and bring your friends’ friends.

Thank you for your support.

Yours respectfully,
Pacific Chapter


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