High Priest’s Message – January 2016

Happy New Year! I want to thank you for the opportunity to work with you as the Excellent High Priest. As of this writing the elected officers have been duly installed and the appointed officers have accepted the offices and will be installed at January stated.

Now is the time to get petitions in so we can develop the class of 2016. The dates of degrees as well as appointed officers are listed below. Their is a possibility we may have our official visitation of The Grand High Priest at our January stated. Please join us as we work together for a successful year.

Appointed Officers
Captain of The Host – John Welch
Principal Sojourner – Larry Keyes
Royal Arch Captain – Merrill Ludlam
Master of The Third Veil – Art Geary
Master of The Second Veil – Von Bailey
Master of The First Veil – Phil Myers
Sentinel – Jim Dorman II
Chaplain – Joe Thomas

Degree Dates for 2016
February 20 – Mark Master Rehearsal
February 23 – Mark Master Conferral
March 19 – Past Master Rehearsal
March 22 – Past Master Conferral
April 16 – MEM Rehearsal
April 19 – MEM Conferral (3rd Tuesday)
May 14 – Royal Arch Rehearsal
May 17 – Royal Arch Conferral (3rd Tuesday)

Thanks again. Let’s have fun and move the chapter forward as always!

Gary J Kniss EHP


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