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High Priest’s Message – December 2015

Greetings Companions,

Thanks to everyone for making my 5th time around pretty darn easy. We had some bumps in the road but I think the year went pretty well, all things considered. I’m hopeful that the rumored candidates for 2016 will turn into real ones and that we can have a nice-sized class.

Here are proposed degree dates for 2016:

Feb 20 Mark Master rehearsal
Feb 23 Mark Master conferral

Mar 19 Past Master rehearsal (we don’t have to put stuff away this month!)
Mar 22 Past Master conferral

Apr 16 MEM rehearsal
Apr 19 MEM conferral (note 3rd Tuesday)

May 14 Royal Arch rehearsal
May 17 Royal Arch conferral (note 3rd Tuesday)

May 24 Council degrees (100% tentative right now)

Happy holidays!

Jim Dorman II, EHP


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