TUSC – Metal Ball Madness


The TUSC (Totally Unofficial Social Committee) invites you to join us for some classic pinball & arcade action along with some great fellowship.

Something new for this month…we’re going to run a mini-tournament! $5 entry after you get in ($15), all prize money will be awarded.

This will be a 3-strike tournament with the top 1/3 of the field receiving a share of the cash, up to a maximum of the top 4 finishers. Machine selection will be by suggestions plus at least 1 totally random machine. Please contact Jim in advance to suggest a machine or with any questions.

These events are for everyone–Masons, prospective Masons, friends, family, whoever! Just come out and enjoy doing fun things together. RSVPs are helpful, but not required. Hope to see you there!


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