Russ Furchner

Of his path to Masonry, Russ notes:

I had been curious about Freemasonry from a very early point in my life. The Masonic influence in the foundation of our country; the symbolism you can see pointing back to this influence, and the large number of important leaders with Masonic roots. I believe Masonry is more important today than ever before in our troubled world–we are seeking answers and Masonry provides the guideposts to find them.

I wanted to be part of the Masonic order for years and upon learning that you could petition for membership, I did so in 2015, being raised to the degree of Master Mason that same year.

Russ started his journey in Lodge leadership as Senior Deacon in 2016 and is continuing it as Junior Warden for 2017. He also serves on the Temple Committee, helping to preserve and improve the Lodge building both as a place for the Masonic groups to meet and work and as a historic landmark in Forrest Grove.

Russ has an interest in ritual and has begun taking a more active role in the conferral of degrees. He also looks forward to mentoring new Brothers in their journey toward Masonic light. In a very short period of time, Russ has grown as a person and has had the pleasure of associating with some really wonderful people.

Russ is a lifelong Oregonian, having left only for his service in the United States Air Force and the completion of his Bachelors Degree at Eastern Washington University. He’s been in the Information Technology industry for more than 35 years, working with many businesses and government agencies. Today his passions center on his family, Freemasonry, martial arts, motoring, and the occasional round of golf.